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Oxygen Concentrator 5L & 10L

fda approved


Reliable and robust FDA-Approved 5-liter stationary home/commercial oxygen concentrator. Our patient-centric R&D team ensured that the our oxygen concentrator is suitable for all your oxygen prescription needs.Our oxygen concentrators were built with your needs in mind, no matter where you are. FDA-approved and conforming to ISO guidelines, our product goes through several hours of burn-in and performance tests to ensure quality, efficiency, and reliability at all times.

Note: Before buying one or using one yourself you are advised to consult a doctor. A professional doctor will be the right person to guide you through its needs and usage.

Here are some of the distinguished features:

● Portability
High-quality caster wheels to move the device around the home, office, hospital or care center

● Reliability
Our world-class compressors ensure uninterrupted oxygen flow for up to 20 hours a day. Devices with inferior quality compressors wear out sooner, needing expensive repairs.

● Quality
The exterior cabinet is built with heavy-duty plastic and has a small footprint for ease of transportation. The product is extremely rugged and is built to last a lifetime.

● Whisper-Quiet
Our oxygen concentrators works without bothering others around you. Whether you’re taking that afternoon siesta or retiring for the night, it helps you breathe better every time!

● Lightweight
Low weight ensures this device is lighter than others in its class, making it easy for patients to move it around.

● Low cost
We have kept the cost low by efficiently sourcing the high-quality components directly from manufacturers—giving you the advantage of a quality device that does not break the bank!

● Easy-to-use
A simple interface helps you to get used to the device without a steep learning curve. Just plugin set the flow, and you’re done!

● Safe
Four in-built alarms that quickly indicate the error cause:
1. Low oxygen purity
2. No sensor found
3. Low or high flow
4. Service required

● Works where you are
Whether you live at high altitudes or in areas with high humidity, we’ve tested our device extensively to ensure that you receive trouble-free operation for years, no matter where you are!

● Backed by brand warranty
We offer industry best 1 year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a prescription for a stationary oxygen concentrator?
Yes, you do. Your doctor will help you figure out the amount of oxygen you need to configure your home oxygen concentrator properly.

2. How will I get a warranty and service for the device?
Contact us here for any service or warranty needs.

3. Where is the device manufactured?
Our devices are designed and developed in Germany to our exact specifications.

4. I need more details about this product.
Contact our sales team here on +917665499999 for info or download our brochure

5. I am a reseller, and I am interested in adding this product to my catalog
Contact our sales team here on +917665499999 for distributorship

5. Do you have a brochure for this item?
View/Download brochure for oxygen concentrator from here

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